Lennox Ads from Time Gone By…

22 May
Lennox furnace installation 1950-60s

Lennox furnace installation from the 1950-60s

There were days when things were a little more simple and subtle. This post is a visual feast of time gone by. Lennox has always been a brand people can trust to have quality craftsmanship and the newest technology. Here at Abel Onsite, we pride ourselves in old fashioned quality workmanship, sincere courtesy and above all, honesty.

The old storefront is a symbol of a more relaxed time when people could walk around and browse the shops. Abel Onsite owned a shop on the main drag of Lake Street in downtown Excelsior before they outgrew the small storefront. The old location looked very similar to this shop.

Back when air conditioning was a luxury, this Lennox unit was top of the line. We think heating and cooling technicians should wear the old Maytag hats, slacks and dress shoes. What do you think?

Fred Ridler, Abel Onsite’s owner, has a little Lennie Lennox bobble head doll. You can see the old Lennox mascot in the bottom left hand corner of the ad above. Today the mascot is an actor Bob Tibbets who depicts an image of Dave Lennox the founder of Lennox Industries.

Not only has modern Lennox furnaces gotten a lot more efficient, they have also become much smaller. Amazing how technology advances so quickly, making life more comfortable. This furnace was cutting edge back in the day.


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Have You Ever…

27 Mar


Have you ever left your air conditioner running when you left for vacation and wished you could have turned the temperature up without going back home? What about leaving for a weekend during the dead of winter without turning your heat down?

With today’s technology, and a wireless internet connection, we are able to connect a new thermostat to your existing HVAC system that will give you the power to adjust your HVAC settings from a smart phone, tablet, or computer. This is all possible with an Ecobee thermostat or any Honeywell thermostat that is RedLINK compatible. The installation process is simple and only takes a few hours to complete. Once you have downloaded the app to your smart device you are ready to go!

Having control over your thermostat when you’re away from home is an excellent way to save money and the environment by not over heating or cooling your home when you’re gone. A quick call or email to Abel Onsite will give you the facts you need about installing a wifi enabled thermostat in your place of residence.

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Abel Onsite – Heating and Cooling Specialists

17 Mar

There are a lot of heating and cooling companies. Some focus on installing new furnaces and air conditioners, some are more apt to repairing old units, while others are best at either commercial or residential units. Abel Onsite has expertise in all areas of keeping your indoor air as comfortable as possible. From boilers, to ductless systems, to heat pumps, to geothermal systems Abel does it all. They can install Forced-Air Humidifiers (whole-house) systems and rooftop units for commercial buildings as efficiently as repairing a simple blower motor in a residential home.

If you’re looking to hire a mechanic to take care of your indoor air comfort issues, hire the guys at Abel Onsite. They’ll get it done right.

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